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UCRNN VISION: A Society where childrens rights are realized

Mr. Moses Matovu - Board Member

Mr. Moses Matovu is the Executive Director of HuysLink Community Initiative. He brings over 10yrs of experience in working with Young People and doing community development work for the Network. 
In 2006 Moses spent 12 months on an International Exchange Programme under the Fredskorpset International Exchange Programme whereby he was placed & worked with The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) Johannesburg, South Africa. While at CSVR, he worked under the peace building Programme which had many of its projects covering the SADC Region countries.
Moses is also an experienced Community Development Worker and human rights activist who shares practical experience gleaned from several years of combating child abuse in the hard to reach communities and how the community mobilization methodologies and non-traditional tools have been put to use. Moses holds a Bachelors of Arts in Development Studies and Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management.