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UCRNN VISION: A Society where childrens rights are realized

Why investing in Early Childhood Development matters for your child.

Mum starts with sound; m, Dad starts with sound; d and aunt starts with sound; a. These are usually the words and explanations given by teachers while teaching children at elementary levels. Words and things that the children can relate with are used to teach them while they are taught to understand the basics.

My distant relatives’ daughter of 13 years was brought to stay with my mother and after arriving home, my mother, like any other parent took her to school. This girl, Hanna, not real name was taken to primary three after repeating  primary four in the village for two year.

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How successful has Uganda been in achieving her education targets?

Since the achievement of independence in 1962, the government of Uganda has been committed to expanding the Education System to enable greater participation. 

In an effort to promote the right of all children to Education, the Government of Uganda made commitments on behalf of the children by signing International and Regional Child Rights Statutory Instruments regarding improving the access, equity and quality of (basic) education.

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